Overdose On Phenergan

taken with pain in the abdomen radiating to the right

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typhus, in addition to a furred tongue and quickened

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which the individual started in life, and the inter-

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tralgia and exhibiting degeneration of the arteries

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a tingling sensation in one foot, which extended in a short

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muscles— of the limbs ; difficult resjiiration ; dys-

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fectly well ; the second is better but is certainly not

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Philadelphia 4. From measles New York and Providence 2

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examination for retirement, and then home and to wait orders.

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VV. H. Smitli has completed them up to 1902, study-

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letectiou of glial overgrowth was urged as the initial

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a private hospital, she had an operation for repair

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before this association in 1891, in which he showed

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and gives luxuriant growths of the tubercle bacilli.

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These spaces are completely filled with a very intricately

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attention to the locality of the organ than upon the

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3' Barker: Cystic Accessory Thyroid. Trans. Lond. Path. Soc,

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abscess, general peritonitis from gangrene of gall bladder,

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recent also, to enable me to speak of it without some

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and mental confusion with a good deal of motor excite-

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He reported having been particularly impressed with

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place where it is to produce the countless infecting

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Thursday, April 23, in Chicago, the object being to

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of necessity briefly and too superficially considered,

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at once break up the home and scatter its inmates. My

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.s possible a correct hygi(Mi(; in this res])e(!t. If

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tive, and differential blood counts showed nothing but

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there was serious loss of life in the burning of a wing

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preparations. However, a fair idea of the different

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gested the following topics for discussion as indi-

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same applies in patients with very fat arms or in whom

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power of absorption of fluids by the peritoneum has

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is to print original articles by officers of the Royal

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ijipervision, for specific purposes, rather than to

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been justifying its existence for the past two years.

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successful. I decided, therefore, to resort to heroic

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