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occupation in general, and especially by artificial light in the

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SMALL PBBCBRTAOB of the soUd Constituents of cow's milk. Most of the credit given to prepared

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referred to the Transactions. If they have increased in size, if

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Direct rail connections to all points North, East and West.

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Causes of a mental and psychical character, acting for a length

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quently brought down a great deal of censure on medical men. It

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erect and the creeping forms, grow from the same root. Since so

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is very full of mijlure,fift,rndiifi or yellowijh , of

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fectly cured sciatica, the affected thigh and calf were much subject to

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between Oporto and Lisbon. The Miguelite batteries would not allow

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Amcffes, Edward Nancarrow, M.D., Wallouia, Trigg Couutj, Ky.

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wasue; 'i'^^0,Wd,'^0^-\-%^<hj\,^ov\A\iQJenatan-alan-a]iun-weso; NH4

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anything in the brain with which we can connect the paraplegic symp-

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taken that has done so." I directed her to repeat the dose once

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and beautiful appearance ; the mucous membrane was here, as in other

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hard and painful cough, with difficulty of breathing, was the result.

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who read the current medical literature most extensively and carefully.

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every person should respire nothing less than the infinite ether : and

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In the writings of Huxham and Fothergill, you wiU also find

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the name of Mr. Haserick has been given, so that it must ere this

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patient industry. You should also endeavour to render your observa-

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Fleet-Street' ; and J. T A Y L O R, at the Ship in Patcr-notfer-Row. M. Dec. .

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gestion or gouty tendency producing flatulence may, in some measure,

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ferred to arrange the visits, facetiously protested that it was the

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"Iodine Cyst" includes a reference to a cyst much like those of Enda-

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quences. You should, therefore, never omit to examine the skin, for

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Hale, M.D. Guilford INlineral Spring Water. Fourth Annual Catalogue of

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dries up into a sort of mummy, and after weeks or months of misery,

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increased ; if the bowels are too free, it must be diminished. You should

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