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caused by tuberculosis, is yet an imsolved problem. Likewise, it is
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As is the case with the skeletal muscles, the effect of the
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upper nasal passages, but the virus of poliomyelitis is so minute in
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organs. In all conditions of so-called lymphatism the heart is found
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LIVERPOOL DISPENSARIES.— Assistant Surgeon ; unmarried. Salary;
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eclampsia, etc., of acute septicaemia contracted in the dis-
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organisms which give rise to them ; for on the answer to
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7s, bJ. each. -CHARLES E. Glascott, M.D., James Barb, M.D., Honorary
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EQember of the Morbid Growths Committee of the Pathological
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character, could be felt occupying the abdominal cavity cen-
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the man seemed conscious, he did not speak. The policeman then
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well suited for transportation and for conversion in the tissue cells
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tissues. Their results, however, have been denied by various experi-
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these symptoms is tenderness to pressure in the epigastrium, with
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and caffein may be tried. But the real heart stimulant to sustain this
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to disappear. Dr. Kanthack* finds that most healthy children show
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the implicated tendons at their attachments to the articular structures
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am alivii g testimony. He performed a "Syme's"ope!ation on me four
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bowels, the pulse may be very small and irregular, and the general
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toxemia of the disease. An analogous aggravation of symptoms in the
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is often called "coffee-ground" hematemesis. It is not so profuse as it
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as possible of the way in which the economy is disturbed. It is evi-
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(i with goiter and i without) subsequently had attacks of apparently
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myograph, they always yield characteristic tracings, which,
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further extension to the deeper parts. In some cases, however, the
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with symptoms implicating the position and the movements of the
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occasionally painful, and on admission both contained some fluid, which
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show the signs of hemiplegia present in the face and in the arm and
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ness on percussion, contiguous with the limited areas of a clear per-
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chemical experiments— that the bowels are the most import-
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pains have occasionally been experienced in the knees, ankles, and
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discovery by him, correctly said that the final change of glycogen is
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infecting micro-organisms of the most varied kind to enter the system.
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consumption. Thomas T., a brother, was an in-patient about
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able, yet should in time precede all prescribing. It is the condition
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distribution, which are at least analogous to the local inflammatory
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of tabes are the peculiar affections of the joints and bones. Thus, a
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never been previously reprinted. The volume, however, will
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chloride; ;!, 12 minutes alter ; 4,24 mluutes ; 5,27 minutes; s, 3u
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more strikingly in cases of chronic alcoholism. One of the best signs

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