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Schonlein's disease or of an acute exudative erythema may be met with in
the thirteen cases did not belong in any one of these groups. Regnault*
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■•It nniM li.- r.-iii.-ml..r.-.i tli .t 111. |...«. r ..( •. iiunil... .i'. - tin- iiii.-.!.. i ,,f tir.i. - Iv «lmli
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Alter the inn'tic Mihcs liiiM' liccii oiH'iicd. it will l)(> <il(,>»efveil tliat the
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; ■liiiioiij'h a few nerve tibors may be foiuid, these are functionless
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warns against iodoform on dressings over thyroid wounds. The use of
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in mild cases, but in others there is, in addition to the symptoms mentioned,
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27. Kidney Trouble. — A history of acute nephritis in youth, remote and
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nately meagre. Garceau states that in 176 cases of hypernephromata col-
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d^ree of renal involvement, although in many cases it is absolutely
buy orexin tablets a tra.'e either ..f l.ile salts or of' pi'-'m.'nt api..'ars in lh.' l.h.o.l
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that wnich follows the protracted asphyxia of Raynaud's disease.
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liiil jil>i( that tlii\ iin too iiiii(|i'i|iiiilrl\ pri'imrcil in t'iili<lniiiriitiil |i|i.\«.
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and in stripping shows the surface of the bone rough, the Haversian canals
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without fever or typhoid condition. If "Basedow" be preferred, it should
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22 in 1884, Maunz 33 in 1892, Pincus in 1896 and Boks in 1897 found 38,
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in;;, takes a little time before it has fallen low enoutrh to permit tlie
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inflammation usually starts from these as a centre; bacteria may penetrate
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occurred in families of unusual nervous stability and that in no case do
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of operative treatment, which for some time has been in vogue, have not
remarks, "are indistinguishable from Raynaud's disease, synametrical,
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While this applies especially to this country, it must be recognized that in
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'I'UlMc. tlic space lie! ween lieinu' stuffed willi Iiidken c(ii-k. Tile tnp (if
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oidil he re(|uired, and it is diflicidt to understand how a haseiii. '
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the absence of enlargement of the soft parts of the hands and feet, and the
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They may be entirely absent. In a patient now under observation, in whom
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tionally produced."^ This accords with Bottiger's criticism of D^j^rine and
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Till' |ui('i'iil;iLri' 111 (». iiiiil III, ill till' liiililili' will tliiMi'tnro ('ori'csp'Hiii
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'';'■ '""^ ""• """ '■ ""•■"• .l.'f.'us.. snhstan.-.-s aii.l .I.'str.,y,.,i ..r n.-utrali/.,!

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