Zanaflex Muscular Dystrophy

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forget massage and electricity; they increase oxidation, and
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building up and destruction of its component elements is the effect of
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pinched features, hollow cheeks, vomiting, and the small, frequent pulse.
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that day the organization of the hospital, as far as using the
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everything has been made to conform to this end. In a pri-
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Dr. Futcher, Johns Hopi^ins Medical School, who has been
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muscles. The middle finger of the right hand, contracting with the
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away about two-thirds of the ring, leaving the other third in
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these observations has been advanced to any firmer position in the eti-
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minutes at 69°, followed by a one-minute circular douche, 95° to 90°, and fan
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America, where he was instrumental in establishing schools
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ease, chorea, obstinate headaches, paresthesias of various types, the
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sylvania. How is it their condition, their fitness, excel ? The
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per cent, showing that the largest portion of the nitrogen was used
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l.ieense Commissiimers take sncli steps as may he necessary to
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domestic affliction, greatly marred his later life. For reasons
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of 70°, fifteen minutes in duration, with friction, and affusions at 60° F. over
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by reducing the acid state of the blood, just as the potash
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as did his predecessor. During the past thirty-five years of the au-.
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foci of infection. This was all, the surroundings were reek-
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ing any exertion on his part, the compress is so placed upon the bed
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unpleasant and even serious symptoms may also arise in organs more
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has reported cases in which a fatal coma was of renal origin, and hence
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was attributable to gastro-intestinal disorder, in thirty-four per cent to
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been recorded by the writer, whose misfortune it has been to have
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The Winnipeg General Hospital is advertising for a medical
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from a patient with typhoid, added to a pure culture of typhoid bacilli,
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when granulations are just commencing, causing renewed

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