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in whom the disease became developed, and who died without in-

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eccentricities of action ; and suppose, further, that in his experi-

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riorly. The section should include as already stated, the whole

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glass of strong wine or spirit may undo the work of months

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and loss of health, and even life itself, which physicians daily wit-

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and ordered regular and free doses of quinine, strychnine and

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phthisical state generally. He says of tubercle, that carbon pre-

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Mamie Operatoire de I'Ovariotomie. Par Drs. Koebeiie et

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sion arises. four hours. We all know that in health

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There are various theoretical considerations opposed to this

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of thick and limpid synovia, strongly yellow or reddish in

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scarlet fever and endocarditis in many cases, and believes that

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One point must not be overlooked which clearly proves the

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1. The Case and Treatment of the Insane Poor, being the Presi-

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wont speak of North Carolina), are afraid reconcile these pictures. Doctors some-

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trials, I was unable to procure with gelsemin the physiological

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Schiitz as a secondary invader of no specific value.

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complete or incomplete paralysis of the cords ; in the foinier

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