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less liable than any other form of humanized virus to do permanent harm to the vaccinated individual.
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Typhous Ulcers are generally of large size, and deep, penetrating through
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Cancer of the Pyloric Extremity of the Stomach. ■ i x.\ j-t,
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The prominent symptoms, which are common to all varieties of intes-
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comes on insidiously, with vague abdominal pains, a sense of unrest, and a
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are alvvays safe, or that in all cases the apjilication of cold to the surface
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orifices : but it may involve the Avhole or any part of the ventricular or
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pleurisy ivitJi effusion. In cancer, the percussion dulness usually begins at
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picked up at the apex of Scarpa's triangle or in Hunter's canal.
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catarrh is subsequently developed, and the general venous cougestit)n with-
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fluids stimulated. Treatment should be advised in all cases of benign
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processes are advanced the patient is constantly in danger from complica-
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twenty-four hours. Quite frequently the eruption is the first symptom of
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ences, during infancy and childhood, as shall ensure the greatest jjhysical
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in dilatation, and triangular in pericardial effusion. Besides, in cardiac
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was several times its natural size. A button of bone was taken out by a
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Degeneration in these tumors is common. Blood extravasations
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in one locality more than two months. There is no doubt that influenza
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amount of fluid gradually diminishes or becomes stationary, the case will
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juice as dead tissue ; as a result, there is a loss of substance .'ind the formation of ulcers. He compares the
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sometimes difficult. One very reliable differential sign is the direction of
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appearance of these eruptions, so their duration varies ; sometimes they last
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tious diet. Opium may be given in moderate doses to alleviate pain, allay
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tion disappears another is developed, and this may go on for eight, twelve
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Of the now growths met with in the kidney, cancer i.s the only one wliicU
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lifted up and divided and the artery itself entirely separated from the
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cases the convalescence is tedious. Stiffness of the muscles of the nape
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up over the front of the abdomen or around the perineum. If the
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it will continue until the termination of the disease. Delirium is preceded
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phytes and will not produce disease. It is only when water or soil
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becomes absorbed within four or five days in ordinary frac-
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If the consolidated lung becomes the seat of purulent infiltration, the
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Injuries and Diseases of Muscles, Tendons, Fascia, and Bursae.
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aortic arch and into the vessels which spring from it in the thorax. The
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tagion more especially emanates are within an area of half a square mile,
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dirty bhick or brown color, and contains small black masses, and in raro
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ing the circulation and nutrition to the affected area.
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in the sputa (when floated in water) casts of the alveoli and bronchioles.
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axilla. A shoulder-cap, covering the outer, anterior, and posterior sur-
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is either stupor, or restlessness and jactitation. When the child dies it is
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in the groin, and may be bilateral. Where the abscess ruptures
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deep veins of the extremities. Sometimes congenital varicose veins
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TcBuia saginata, or T. medio-cannellata, also called "unarmed tape-
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may be completely destroyed. We suspect unilateral pyelitis with calculi
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either lymphatic or venous. An increased flow of fresh blood can best

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