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intestine and to neutralize the cholera-poison." To meet this Cantani

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1,640 c.c. was raised by the hot bath to 1,744 c.c, which fell in five

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ployed runs from 250° to 350° F., or even higher. After the

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virtue of the leucocytes the body possesses a powerful protective agent against

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membrane of the respiratory passages and bring about a nerve-discharge

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losing its virtue. It was sure in its action, and offered the advantage to

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one quart of new milk, one-third compressed yeast-cake or

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are increased. It cannot be inflated ; is extremely friable, and its lace-

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seen five, four of which ended similarly. It is in most cases, as pointed

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tleness of the animals themselves is necessary, as well as pro-

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not often be necessary. When in a position where you cannot

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from the operation live before a return of the original trouble.

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endeavored to inculcate would not now (twenty-eight years later) require

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starvation, whether direct, by cutting down the amount of

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the disappearance of the fever, but reaccumulation generally occurs, with

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proved in color, strength, and ability to exercise without breathlessness.

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against cold water, a prejudice to which he attributes his expulsion

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* Miinchener medicinische Wochenschrift, No. 40, 1895.

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During the intervals between the paroxysms the skin may exhibit a

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orange-peel, licorice, honey and other sweets, and astringents.

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of diarrhoea and dysentery. If the fluid enters only, as is in most

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peutic effect of hip baths. The individual was placed into an empty

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Dr. Dessau examined the patient. He found very slight broncho-vesicular

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tering variety with stupor, is not unusual. The drunkard may develop

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and may be a true one to explain cases of pancreatic diabetes.

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reader in the practical application of water in disease. Individual

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perfect. Broadly considered, the feeble-minded are divided

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or fibro-caseous change. These minute, hard gray or grayish-yellow

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centre, one may choose widely and establish a home in some

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New York — is a grand monument to the enterprise of Ral-

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operation, as a hip- joint, and pass with graceful ease to a case

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