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Examination on February 4th showed that there was some

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Could we without il found a school-house for the education of our children ? Could

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to English. We cannot but feel that this, even if it be

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definite conclusions, quotes von Graefe to the effect that the

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the upper branch. There were no other disturbances in the

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I. civilized, ami humanized, and lilted for a foretaste of the joys that await

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at least, observations of other schools of thought. Although

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a week, and after a period of three months the last injection

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of these are similar to, if not exactly like, those arising from masturbation;

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symptoms, modes of treatment, causes of complaint, and temperament, age and con-

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of death, in view of happiness above. Job, during all his afflictions, could praise God

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The duration of this case as compared to the duration of

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children in the same locality were attacked, and five of the cases were

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