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focus starting in this structure may primarily occupy at least

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At the last ordinary fortnightly meeting of the Metropolitan

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took place on May4tli, when Mr. Seymour Haden, as the

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and Priestley Smith as regards the treatment of glaucoma, a

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oozing out round necks of teeth ; there is a sligiit improve-

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ment tellers, and the negative attitude of the leading

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vestigation should be withdrawn in favour of the system of

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nation in scholars, over 10 years of age. The report, drawn up

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why an announcement that a special meeting of the Victorian

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nung. Von Dr. A. Roth. Berlin : August Hirschwald. 189.3.

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only diseases of the brain but diseases of the person."

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Huspital, Rirminghaui, via J. Furneaux Jordan, F. R.C.S.Eng., re-

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condensing their communications to the utmost extent.

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slept one night, or even two, in the wards, and had thus been exposed to

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Certification, at the House of Commons, on May 12th— under

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Brigstocke, St Bartholomew's Hospital; G McK. McKie and G. H.

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