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Un the other hand, many investigators, particularly in America, have reported

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Henderson, V. E. — Materia Medica and Pharmacy '$2.50)

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lent sign in a neurasthenic), and went home to enlist. His bodily

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fuffice for twenty-five or thirty ewes, ibid. How long fit for

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have grown vifibly, it muft be tied up in a feparate

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the relation of the serum globulin present in a fluid to the serum albumin

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or copulation of thefe animals ; and 5, the rearing

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severe rickets the teeth when cut are small and quickly become carious,

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all these examples the lumen of the affected bowel may remain of con-

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was two months; and among the fourteen who needed tapping it was also two

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pneumonic abscess or gangrene of the lung ; and there may be no direct

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gins to run at the nofe, warmer things may be given

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palpitations. Sleeping sickness, on the other hand, is manifestly a disease

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Dermatology: George Elliott Anesthetics: Samuel Johnston.

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the fact that every precaution is exercised to prevent mixed infections.

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fential in the breeding of horfes, is the necelTity of

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any sudden movement of the affected limb must be prevented, on account

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pure blood, often accompanied by clots, from the emptied bladder.

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according to the degree of distension. When fully distended it is about

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condylomata. These consist of flat roundish and slightly raised discs of a

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only in the qualified sense applicable to clinical medicine.

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increasing proportion of cases the abscess subsides, and in process of

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the complications, and the urine examination is omitted. It is important

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backward, and the long upper portion of the shaft is impacted into it in

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certain. The later the period after the inoculation of the virus that the

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