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food is repugnant and refused ; and there are often trophic affections and

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in the asylum cases of recovery being in 50 per cent, three months ; in 65

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from worry, and life in the fresh air especially effective. Careful dieting,

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indulgence is wanting. This degree varies very much in cases of this

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merchants, divines." Such testimony from so impressive a

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deep pigmentation, or constitutional symptoms, may clear up the mystery

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there is, according to Charcot, the following difference : that in the status

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thorough on this subject as on some other subjects, was

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14 to 17. Orthochromatic normoblasts. In Nos. 16 and 17 there is

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disastrous, and patients of this sensory bent, from their common, visceral,

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the proportion of developmental cases, whether with or without classes

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Never has fiercer contention arisen from so small a cause.

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transference of pigment to certain migratory cells, probably of epithelial

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ing normal corium would scarcely exhibit the irregularity of formation,

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