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recognized. Up to February, 190.3, Pratt ^ was able

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were permitted, with the sanction of the Secretary of

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within the i)recise terms of the statute as to leave



w'lth these complications was 62 ; the total nundicr

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be tested with both species of paratyphoid bacilli.

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temperature, it seems possible that the invasion of

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an old client, you need not be so particular and parsi-

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l)hates. One month later he reported that he was work-

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are being drawn from the occurence, and an official

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been confined to matters of sanitation. Within five

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Vineberg, H. N., 407; surgical treatment of cancer of uterus, more espec-

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ing life or at, and the spleen was ban>ly

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"The men bulk big on th(; old ti-;iil, our own trail, th<!OuL

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quest is just that adequate provision should be made

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cough 123,diphtheria 98, measles 174,smallpox 12, scarlet fevcr57.

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to 100 cc. and 2 cc. of copper solution (3 gm. cop-

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previous elections of Councillors to the College, and

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eyelids; inabihty to use the eyes "at near range,'!

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suffering little if any impairment ; the appetite is

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slight, affection of one seventh nerve with recovery,

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these are, of course, merely negative ; they do not go

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small biscuit a day. .\t tlic end of tliat time I was weaker

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kidney through the lumbar incision, 597; frame for the treatment of frac-

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no strength in the hands. The legs were in a state of com-

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kindle its fires and materially aid in offering the means

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cell is aerobic. Again, oxygen assists in the diges-

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true, contains my name (misspelled) on the list of honor-

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assist in carrying through a large class without the

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it was a surface affection. Those not absorbed were

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Ithaca epidemic, 548; typhoid fever and impure ice, 460; differential diag-

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in the work of the business until his portion should

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peting essays must be in the hands of the chairman of the

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either factor has any genuine influence on the course

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Enlarged glands behind the aortic arch. Turbid fluid

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Still more deeply do I feel my inabUity to preside, in

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ment for having at Berlin called upon his constituents

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Wigan; London 15.7, West Ham 14.4, Brighton 11.2, Ports-

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G. T. Smith, surgeon. Ordered to duty as a member of a

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