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Demonstrator of Pathology at the London Hospital, and, on

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In the dispute errors in procedure possibly did occur on both

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by Mr. Pringle, which also showed appearances due to causes

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They consisted of 14S males and 54 fundes, with an average

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the dead, which he described as repulsive to Christian feel-

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Elizabetla Topliam was indicted for the wilful murder of a woman by per-

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the same way 2?t hours afterwards. He thought the fluid

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figures which prove the sinister effects of the present defects

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others, and we all know that expression may work from

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chamber. The mind of the non-expert will readily admit

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well marked straight down the middle line of the face. The

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Leprosy and Glanders; Practical Work, Sections. Hos-

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wise maltreated. Then the taricheutin enter, and. passlne their hands

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cytes. The cells in exudation fluids, in pus, and in leuksemia

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guarded; bat do not, even by implication, detract from the

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lesion proper to tabes ; but in the bulb near the vagus and in

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but at the same time there were cases in which they were in-

combivent inhaler printable coupon

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act for them. It appears to us that under such trying regu-

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and contracted the pupils. Dr. Murrell, however, suspected the admix-

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water produces an increased, though by no means excessive,

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The Public Control Committee of the London County Coun-

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between the community and those in whose hands is placed the re-

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Ma. THonxi.EY Stoker has sent a letter to the Dublin news-

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full scientific detail in recent numbers of the British Medical

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other sanitary arrangements. The public attention which has

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ness branch there have been received 183 proposals (includ-

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also contains the zvmogen of the Bbrin ferment, for, by treatment with a

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