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tendency to retch and be sick the teeth are often neglected at this period.

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or more occasions, I have seen him suffering with a paroxysm of difficult

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of a violent character for fourteen days. All the roeand used for its re-

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about a reduction of an elevated temperature, have little if any effect in

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body. The action of emetics and hydragogues has, in some ios»

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with the branchial clefts. On the other hand, tumours of this character

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tions is slow, and an individual not well acquainted with the disease

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supplied her with money, and she took the half-price car on Monday

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SrsTBMATizBD Anatomt, or HuMA.if OBaikivoaRA.PHr, in synoptical tables, with """•J^iSl

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perfectly cooked state. The symptoms produced are : a feeling of general

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of syringomyelia depend upon the damage

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course produces granulomata which tend slowly to break down as a result

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taken by women in order to procure abortion. Occasionally young children

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(i.) Stretch-hangirui heavinfi is a position arising out of the F. H. P. {q.v.\ and

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orders that could be mentioned ; and were the world to be deprived of

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excepted, whose course is more certain to be run, despite of all reme*

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This stroking may be alternated with shaking ; and the sphincter muscle will

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increased frequency of respirauon would be required to sustain life. But

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From Case V. quoted above, the particular advantages of colon-stroking

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and abdominal-kneading in the therapeutic treatment of constipation, con-

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thyroid extract or half a grain of dry thyroid each night at bed-time being

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means of committing suicide, for which purpose either rat-paste, which

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of mercury ; this was the $ummum magnum of all their labors. Ex-*

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applied to the abdomen to remove the scurf. But notwitbstandiiig, ^he

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6lh. The Insane Hospital at Nashville, Tennessee. Centre bttOd-

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signature In writing on the label, and the Siu>porter has its title embossed upon its envelope.

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of which only 2 were fatal. Again, if we compare the mortality of

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exposed to moisture, the scales are soaked off and the surface is left raw or

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which is performed by the hand or by a " percussor." The hand is used in several

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massage-movements, are usually prescribed ; but in such a case as intercostal

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constitute the greater proportion of the tumour. The distribution of the

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under ground above six hours, all of them die hectic or become paraly-

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to wash out his mouth with a saturated solution of boric acid after each

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The puiiils will be admitted to the practice ofthe Massachusetts General Ho«pftal,and will receif*

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Hey, or that of Dupuytren, for prolapsus ani ; or to those of M. Dief-

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taken by the stomach, proving hurtful both to the stomach and to tbe

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It is quite as difficult to account for the rariations in the state of general

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maleficent effect upon the unborn infant, as is shown by the occurrence

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France ; there are also men of first-rate abilities in the United States ;

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Effects of Low Diet and Imprisonment on Health. — Much attention has

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shed. The amount of dust is determined by the quantity of the size used

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the writer ("Maternal Impressions" vol. vii.), and need not be again

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alone is destroyed, whilst the sub-mucous tissue becomes thickened ; af-

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The question has lately been made, What authority have we in tb6

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