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carries peculiar responsibilities, because it involves a prece-
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works in the shape of artesian well boring— which cost a
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and occasionally small calculi were passed per urethram.
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aseptic, where each air cell opened might be a source of
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getiD for the Higli^ate Br<iDfli ; douhlv qual'fied Salary, B>r,0 per
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Applications, ecdnrsed * Hospital v\edii-al Otticer," to Edw Wrigtit,
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interval between exposure to infection and the development
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resorts of equal value in other situations where the sick would
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medical education, and thereby to secure a more competent
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(gr. i to ij) had been added to the above ointment. While
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the Cervix and impacting the Pelvis, which will be published.
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included 35 from measles, 23 from whooping-cough, and 7 from scarlet
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issue. We learn that Mr. Young J. Pentland is issuing a
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some of the most beautiful pastoral poems imaginable. Sir
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tients could be seen sufficiently often and carefully attended
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pilgrimage to Europe, where he remained three years studying
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brown atrophy of the heart. At the inquest a verdict of
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shrink away from the fibrous capsule, and, as in ovariotomy,
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her, she had unmistakeable diphtheritic membrane on the
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that a corresponding lowering was eflfected in the rooms below .
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air chamber, with disconnecting siphon trap, or an air-inlet disconnect-
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you consider sixpenny dispensaries demoralising. Might I
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medical man, but by Professor Goldstein, a pharmacist,
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Candidates seeking election by a Branch Council should
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end. He contrasted the effects of "the. cosmic process'
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stitution, and Lecturer on Pliysiology at St. Thomas's Hospi-
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much pus. Bowels moved naturally five times to-day.
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General)." What it does give is a rehash of figures issued long ago by
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surgeon ; he would have looked out of place in an operating
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land, the point of the joke would have been more obvious.
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in the pages of the British Medical Joobnai,. ; ■ , ■ ,
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times that of the protected sullerers, whilst revaccinated persons were
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ceeded in finding considerably over fifty lepers whose prin-

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