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bustible, biu-ns better than fat, starch, and acetic
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to the rules I have given for selecting the sj^ot to be
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tration from the history of a case which lately oc-
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ourselves : Are we sure — have we any sound basis on
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Thekd, F.. Esq., to be Surgeon 1st Administrative Battalion Flint-
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consider that electricity and nerve-force present ex-
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cularly fond of picking at small objects. The feeble-
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the human body. A more pleasing example of medical allusion
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Curoenves. On February 27th, at 11, Craven Hill Gardens, the
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years attracted much attention. It is to be hoped that this
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the elimination of the errors attaching to tins second
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and a turpentine injection administered. The sensibility
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Dr. Stegoali. continues his Instruction for all Medical and Sur-
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the phenomena wliich represent these accidents. They
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occasion of veiy undignified and uncalled for vitupe-
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tified by their chemical as weU as their microscopic
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to the racket court. But Mr. Lee maintains that the
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it impossible to disj^lace the tumour, temporarily re-
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been taken by the Board to caiTy out the recommend-
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Edinbiu-gh. Dr. D. J. Simpson appeal's to be an out
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though gifted with the genius of a Serjeant MiUer as
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holds his life iirecaiiously. Should he die before me,
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created existence is the immediate result of the will of the Su-
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body. There was no pulsation at the wrist, temporal artery,
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ulcer at the back of the ear, which was the remains
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been affected with epilepsy ever since her sixth year. She is under
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primarily manifested or made tangible in the form of
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his uncertainty, his treatment must be empmcal, and
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what you list ; I am master of my ears, and can make
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for ensuring a high style of professional education,
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tients. Into the fever house are admitted, cases of measles,
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The disease, then, having been determined to be I will remember that from the day the man took these
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English summer. It is not suited to persons suffer-
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met with many cases of acute pyrexia, the result of
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been dii-ected into the canal, the foreign body is re-
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safe in its operation, and highly beneficial to the
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