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known as the " New Code." Under this the only quali-
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records in the making of which she has no definite place,
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pass but few drops, with violent pain, even spasms.
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in modern utilitarianism, a dignity in the old-time quarterlies
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and served the last-named body as Chairman of Obstetrics
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and the Sprain Ridge Hospital, Yonkers, New York. Dr. Meyer is a
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len's or Ridge's, food. I have now, and have had for many weeks,
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the sick-bed of Gen. X. After they go, the general rings for his manservant.
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loss of a life, especially at certain stages of it. It was my
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ence and study, and the conclusion that proper adjustment
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The ideal anaesthetic is one that is safe for mother and child, certain in its effects,
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(hydrastis) ; sensation of swelling in the sides of the throat
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had published : ' ' Some Observations on Thirty-seven Cases of Eclamp-
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limited his practice to Gynaecology, Abdominal Surgery, and Con-
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are often enormous ; they decrease in size on the humerus,
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New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital, has been assistant
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was Juliette Agnes Gill, whose father was Robert Walker
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downwards, either to embed itself in the floor of the vagina, or
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economy of expenditure, and by freedom from overstrain and
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one is liable to bring about very extensive and regrettable
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frequency of its appearance, as already intimated. In Leipsic, where articular
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to study the other branches of medicine. Before com-
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mentioned, quinine is now largely used : it is quite certain that
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cine was on an eye subject, " Keratoscopy." This was
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proaching it, and clear up after recovery, or remain like a cloud
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doubtful whether this can occur with pointed bullets. This
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a strict and intelligent quarantine as a preventive measure, can
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whiskey and two one-fiftieth-grain hypodermic injections of atro-
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thus passes off your body by evaporation, through a lot of little
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Cancer of the Uterus;" " Hyfjeraamia of the Vesico-ure-
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^ thopedic Surgery, Professor of Clinical Surgery, Department of
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of the old school may be convinced, not only that Apis mellifica
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not meant that each of these diseases depends necessarily on
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married in the city of Chicago on the lolh day of Sep-
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Certain conditions, in our opinion, seem to mitigate the
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pages of never-eDding history. He was a humane man.
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