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of substances, all of which were now labelled poison, which
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Johnson, Queen's College, Belfast ; — Lane, Queen's College, Cork ;
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Surgeons to Mr. Cotes's untiring methods of instruction, and
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letter which appeared in the British Medical Journal of Februai-y
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and not in reference to this warrant. If the War Office
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of trapezius is well marked down to the lower third of pos-
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left behind it serious disturbances on the part of the circulatory appa-
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Rio de Janeiro ; Mr. P. T. Tolputt, Beaufort, Mon. (V) Mr. J. W. Vine,
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fort, but a little consideration will show that, under normal
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towns as it was for the ports, and if it was applied at all, there was no
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SouthEasteen Branch.— The annual meeting of this Branch will be
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ous term " rheumatism. Nothing stops the advance of the
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fashion, so that we are not astonished later to find the follow-
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ive disease about the ca'cum have been under my care. The
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J. A, McCnnib, London Hospital ; C. W. Mainprise, St. Bartholo-
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nitrate, and salicylate, but have only kept an accurate record

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