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was so satisfactory, and so many were cured, that the new
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turned over in its course, or, in cases struck by shrapnel
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the handg of women practitioners the science of medicine
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spond, as we have before remarked, to the musculo-cutaneous
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indisputably endemic and epidemic. According to Hirsch, the disease is most*
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23, 1853, son of Newell and Elizabeth Whipple (Gott) Giles. He
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Lord Bacon, bareheaded in his saddle, defying the storm, — a
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permanent than the above remark implies, seeing that this rem-
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that the publication of the Index Medicus is not, as was
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and of the diaphysis. Higher up towards the diaphysis the
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specialist in any direction, it is in gynaecology and in the
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the comparative ease with which the patient can be aroused by
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posing on us, and yet be able to demonstrate its superiority over
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of seeking in protoplasm for the promise and reality of mind,
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beautifully polished, and has all the appurtenances neces-
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apparent improvement from the use of arsenic. It is best administered in
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New York Obstetrical Society, Medical Journal Association, and the
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clothing) are pretty frequently noticed. Metallic foreign
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gf the leading social clubs, and a friend and welcome
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de la Societe Medicale Homoeopathique de France," the remarks
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melancholy picture of prostration and misery ; no uterine dis-
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in place of going into the very slime and mud of nature for
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Captain Henry A. Beare, of the British Navy. Dr. Smith died April
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cularis resulting in Multiple Epithelioma ; report of a case," Journal
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are to exert our knowledge and skill not only to relieve temporary
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the periosteum of an adjacent vetebra, and subsequent involv-
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actual dilatation at these parts ; and the canal was actually more
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reached medical attainment of such magnitude as to permit his
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the mind is a powerful factor in the management of dyspepsia.
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produce when tried upon the normal healthy organism.
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family, his second also from two remote ancestors, viz.,
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and disputes interminable ; but divested of extremes, and hold-
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ing year, as expert for counsel in the Emma Bethel murder
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three days seems improved. At the end of that time the gastric
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case of suddenly appearing rigor mortis ; but Dr. Cuyet, in a brief
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course of lectures in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and
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hand, I submit that lesions limited to these parts produce spas-
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and thus grow. It may then divide and subdivide so as to mul-
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1868, the son of Emile and Anna (Feldner) Schultze.
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Roman Catholic and 5 in the Protestant), 96 were from within
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Reprinted from The New-York Medical Times-, May, 1885.
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struck by the grave nature of the haemorrhages that
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fact that signs of renewed blood-forming activity are also present in the other
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oped a lively case of general rhus toxicodendron poisonii
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not entered upon the discharge of his official duties with the desire
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