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familiar to any homoeopath. Instead of the tedious process of

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Dr. Katherine E. McCarty, 191 1 B. U. S. M., has finished a year's

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symptoms of pneumonia where the larvae had caused hemorrhage,

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Clark was not associated with them, and we threw all of them out ; it was only advertise-

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for physicians. Continuous telephone service, day and night. Apply to

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Here is the peculiar duty and pleasure of an institution of

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Council, has arisen, never before but always since some of the members of this Council

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The first motions of the patella should be lateral motions. We

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At the start, the papers made light of the subject and one

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appeared to be satisfactory, and four or five women professed to be entirely cured.

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The following appointments of Chairmen of Bureaus have been

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warm bath without specifying the technic. The bath was given

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best apparatus, the latest electrical apparatus, and the latest surgical instruments ; and it

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The daily excretion in this case will vary from day to day

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and provide for women just before, during and immediately after

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because of the recently acquired intemperate habits of her son (delusion).

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tis, are either greatly improved or become entirely well.

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committees, it would be very unwise to increase its numbers. What has been complained of

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hydrate metabolism does not exist in pregnant women." We do

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venereal infections in children, is that published in the Johns Hop-

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opinion that getting the Vice-President into the chair a number of times, as he would

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Dr. J. Wilkinson Clapp of Boston, Chairman, the Institute passed

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chairman of the committee, in bringing his report forward, said it was not necessary during

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President Murlin. It was successful in every way. The interest and

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wish to retract that admission. He simply throws himself on the mercy of the Council, and

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hand-clapping. The President responded with a happy and constructive

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strued, as to place me in this light before the profession.

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be disregarded. We concede that the general dangers inherent to

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ber feels bound through loyalty to his State Society to use his

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not be at all satisfactory to the clinicians, whose classification would be

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disease rapidly spread, as the soil was heavily impregnated with

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"is there not danger of overdoing?" He replied, "Well, Doctor, did

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M. Quinton has used "Isotonic plasma" for some time, apparently

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childhood, when the boy first begins to notice the body.

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again. I simply ask that a committee be appointed to consider this abuse of the hospitals

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this symptom has become well known, and hardening of the ar-

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her do it, even if it be indifferently done ; because some school

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changes which have taken place in the Council membership since our last meeting one year

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