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by this case the far reaching demoralising effect which tight

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or the ingestion of cold fluids after violent exercise in midsummer. As

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ence through a cost efficient technology in a clear uncluttered approach.

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cial changes in the thoracic organs. A careful dissection of the

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area and the administration of such internal remedies as will cor

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Dr. Eccles of London then delivered the address on Ob

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are both disseminated and grouped into small clusters of twos

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are invited to send specimens of their articles for exhibi

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ftrong and violent fit of pafllon others again not fo

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proceeding to further treatment as its contraction often has to

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In conclusion I wish to submit the following important facts Radio

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at something like precision in our diagnosis and prognosis.

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pure simple transportation at the cheapest possible

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lated. The milk should be examined by chemical tests and by

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Cerebral symptoms may be controlled by bromide of potas

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years. In addition larval ticks hatched in glass vessels in the

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spine. The clonic spasm of the cervical muscles lasted nearly five

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south as the th degree of latitude a region characterized by the predominance

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is being emptied. The process of inflation must be continued

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throughout my student years and for sacrificing parts of your

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For other preparations of iron and their doses see Tonics in the

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president by a number of fellows who had collected their

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