Toprol Withdrawal

the variety of most frequent occurrence, usually has its internal

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will improve every opportunity of testing the truth of them. — [Lancet.

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weather ; but it should be remembered that, the slower the

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these latter organs, -by their diminished, and highly colored and

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sible, by means of continuous ablution, to keep the mucous surfaces

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clinical instruction, as among the most available means, if not the sole

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with incidental allusions to their relationship to menstruation.

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for drainage. It is prepared for use in the following man-

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ville ; A. J. Semmes. of Washington City ; Samuel L. Hollingsworth,

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Eusiness Departments of the Journal, should be directed to Drs.

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the optic nerve has been thus exposed, to relieve the

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of term, and period of pupilage. Let them be replaced by material

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left hip and thigh; and a bunch half the size of a hen's egg came

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practice of making dinner almost the only meal of the day.

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Editors Mathews' Quarterly Journal, Box 434, Louisville, Ky«

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atively distasteful. On arriving in tropical regions, we find

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occupy attention, and it is usually several days at least

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in the rectum. Long shreds of muous frequently resembling

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sor of Forensic Medicine, Koyal College of Surgeons, Ireland.)

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recognized, and then it was so indistinct as to leave the matter doubtful.

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sensation. Where is the line of demarcation between the

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in fact a public institution. The citizens of Detroit have contributed

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have long since determined to ferret out the reason for the sad wail. I have

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miscarried (at about the third month), and had "had a bad diarrhoea

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