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of the tumor, which is of slow growth, usually painless, and generally

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In advanced phthisis the symptoms of the pulmonary affection are

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TREATMENT. The treatment of pyelitis depends mainly upon its

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The temperature of a considerable substance of tissues may be mate-

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the difference in etiology and upon the more protracted course of chronic

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terior diameter may be elongated. The thickening of the epiphyseal ends

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thousand in the cubic millimetre, or may be entirely absent. The leu-

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It is the prevalent opinion that micro-organisms, either alone or in

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We have also several societies in active operation, meeting once or

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over-exertion must be avoided. Drugs are used first, to increase the

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have seen spontaneous and permanent recovery occur during an acute

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from one to three per cent. , the precipitate occupying one-half or the

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of their peritoneum. The formation of gall-stones and their incarceration

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fsecal tumor. Tumors connected with the liver are more constantly super-

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more frequent in summer than in winter, at least in the Middle United

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DEFINITION. Arrest of circulation in the brain by embolic or throm-

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to be associated with localized physical signs, although months may

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the colon. Further, if continually used they produce an obtuseness of

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bones of the extremities, especially of the lower, take place. Enlarge-

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ally lies behind the uterus and the broad ligament, although sometimes

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occur, and may be attended with sufficient hemorrhage to color the

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pain extending into the thigh, cause persistent constipation, or give

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