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very small lesions ; or absence of a posterior wound, which
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where he has since remained. One of his grandfathers
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penetrating than one fired point-blank. The resistance
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the surrender of Burgoyne. Although born in New Hampshire, his
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between wholesale and credulous acceptance, and entire and
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tion. He finished his connection with the Stranger Hospital the same
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Medical Advice by Telephone. — Husband. My wife has a severe pain in
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I would put in action if I were to kick you." — "Undoubtedly,
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the' active force {vis viva) imparted by a bullet. Thus they
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should expressly he treated on the spot where he fell.
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College of Pharmacy, being the first woman to receive a
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was recognized as one of the leading oculists of the country. As a
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tion. He finished his connection with the Stranger Hospital the same
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Upon doubtful theoretical grounds, lime has been very frequently prescribed,
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of Testicles" (Med. Rec, May, 1895); "Thigh Amputation" (Med.
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In introducing the sutures, a perfectly straight needle about
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the study of medicine at Geneva Medical College, but before obtaining
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puscles and the hemoglobin. The restoration of the blood is possible only
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a certificate accurately stating its errors, unless the instrument
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sides these published a number of works of value : Contributions to
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obstetrician at the Sloane Hospital for Women (at that time called
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A Pharmacopoeia for the Treatment of Diseases of the
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Although entitled to enter immediately into the private practice
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been subject to paroxysms of agonizing pain, and frequent hem-
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shall be standing by your side, and your head will at once pass
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accompanied by faintness, at others by giddiness : this is soon
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a parasiticide for each parasite." A clinical problem, indeed, be-
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coming a contributor, to never so small an extent, to the medical
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School of Sociology, with the ideas so well expressed in Virchow's
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He uses the glycerite of carbolic acid, which, in the British Phar-
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Returning to New York, Dr. Bulkley entered upon practice, special-
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and earnestness, and while he followed the lecture courses intelli-
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In addition to the " Old School " system of medicine
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every moment is a deception ; his whole mind is a deception ; he
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1885.] Recent Pathology in its Bearings on Therapeutics. 55
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pital on Blackwell's Island, where he remained until 1882, and in
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follow the classical incisions for the ligature of arteries.
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maid, to help her to rectify herself with remedies of her own
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The disease runs a chronic course, occupying seldom less than two or
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be exerted by holding its meetings where the largest number
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in his blood, probably, which causes another, less strongly fortified,

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