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Kloeoner. Victor F St. Louis Lapp, John G Kansas City Lowry, Charles F Kansas City

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Fig. 2. Case 1. April 24, 1947. Progressive hilar exaggeration

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within the provisionally quarantined area a few counties in southern

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carcinoma.*' This confusing terminology indicates that in the minds

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Clean wood floors ; whitewash ; no steam or vapor. In one end of this room was a

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teachers are certified and trained in case work and

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66 loads in 1905. The bulk of the sales of steers was made at from

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As Advertised in Publications of the American Medical Association

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3. Transfer sections to 60 per cent alcohol for from two to three

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941 (after injection) was sufficient to give a visible reaction when diluted

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of decalcification which has taken place in the three weeks

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foreign countries the price of 6 cents a copy, including postage, has

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Chairman (1949); A. N. Lemoine, Kansas City (1950); C. P.

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Two opposed ctTeels niav lie nlitaiiiiMl: stiwnliildrii i auiriiieiitoi'v) and

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1. Ruge, E.: Contribution to the Surgical Anatomy of the

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The Secretary reported the results of the election of

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noon session a suitable resolution covering and con-

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siitiil.'ir !ii.'! I:, ..■!•- ;;ny u\"-' -neee-^ It hniked ;is if the pancreas h;id

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work. There Is nothing In the law to forbid any carrier from accepting for interstate

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and adroit, but the committee observed that It was unnecessary for these men " to run

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einander, sowle fiber die gegenseitigen bezlehungen dieser \ind einiger

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disturbed; her temperature, however, was 99**. Physical examina-

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and with the inadequate nmnber of inspectors is necessarily confined to an attempt to

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ri-lit rv.. will IM.I n.ovr railli.T llu' ini.Mlr liii.'. Its innv.'in.Mit :,s

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incision. We have ligated the inferior vena cava on

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certification of pork for export. The effect of the provision in the urgent deficiency bill

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were somewhat enlarged. The blood showed a moderate anaemia and an

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the cooling room, near a row of windows, which provides an abundance of natural

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the District. The first three rows are for officers and com-

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Kentucky lying contiguous to some of the infected counties of Ten-

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prntiiplasni of tlic I'luaiiiMii ikisscsscs, aniDii'j its otlicr piii|ii'rtit's, tli"sc

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losis from animal to animal, rather than any failure in this system

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v.T\ vaiial.l.' in.T-as,. in latt> a.-i.l. a.-.-.^nipaiii-Nl l.y no vaiiati.iM in

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trunk musdes. Opthalmoscopic examination is the same as that of yester-

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..v-is...! I1H-..U..1, 11,- tr..l. as «.• l,a>.. sr..., 1o 1..' tin. .-aM.

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