Promethazine Heroin

intents and purposes, therefrre. they are fu'ly qualilied general prac-
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J. E. Nicholson, Hong Kong ; Dr. Neale, London ; Mr. W. G. Nash, Bed-
promethazine class and actions
current guidelines for phenergan administration
does not admit of much hope for the adoption of any national meacures
how to increase affect of promethazine
phenergan and the recovering alcoholic
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have a copy of it before the trial of the inquiry, and they also decided
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ducts ; c, appearance.presented after escape of the parasite.
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lesion or cause of natural death, but he had no disease or
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no expert would now advise the use of arc lamps, albeit
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of Physic, and t,1) Botany. The salary lu each of the departments
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Reports of the transactions of both these Congresses were
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practicable, it is suggested that rag bales might be allowed, with reason-
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these places untiring vigilance, unlimited expenditure, a
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tions made with the exudation Muid from various kinds of
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conferred immunity against anthrax ; in fact, that the
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Bomoay Sappers and Miners, vice Brigado-Surgeon-Lieutenaut-Cblonel J.
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point out about what 1 am reported to have said concerning Dr. Cur-
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dinner ou Thursday and Sunday nights, and in almost every instance
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Martin, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., of Winwick House, Evesham, hag
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using bottles of a very distinctive character for all prepara-
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that from the lymph there was isolated by cultures a strep-
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thorax, as in tlie case presently to be narrated, or it may be
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liospital had been provided despite repeated advice of local
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New Komney there is a case in the workhouse, aud at Southampton a
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some inflammation about the ovary or tube. In such a case
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second sound. A little friction sound was heard on the .^th and on the
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lower down the shaft. The wound healed by first intention,
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ptoms to myself was a woman, aged 38, who stated that, about
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The total amount of London sewage How, waich has been chemically
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It is proposed to appoint a resident medical officer at Kissy, Sierra
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why promethazine irritated veins
whole of the large intestine were shown. The latter was from

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