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Russia — Novgorod, government .... Sejjt. 4-10 28 24

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method since 1906 he is the first to have introduced

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cided, therefore, is whether the meeting should be held

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Russia — Kostr.'ma, government. . . .July 24-30 258

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is thick like results take place by its action as a

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tory results, on a large body of soldiers in the Phil-

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ronmental conditions are prolific sources of tubercu-

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be carefully regulated so as to prevent vomiting on

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but would aim to teach the carpenter to walk on in-

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as that of the preceding year. President Buckham presid-

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study of certain tropical diseases, than can be found in

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stipation was the rule, diarrhoea the rare exception.

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increase in the size of the neoplasm to such dimensions that pres-


secretary. Dr. Frank Overton, of Patchogue ; treasurer.

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niiu., according to my memory, with partly ragged edges,

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tration of the stroma with blood corpuscles is, in all

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and, Cal., for re-examining an alien. Detail for board :

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giving up his capture as a sign that a soldier in distress

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considered. In no instance should the clinical find-

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lodged. The wound was on the right side of the head at

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on agar gave Stapiiylococcus albus. Vaccine strength, 5

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hospital is expected to be completed and ready for occupa-

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of a runner to gather it round into a curd : which after-

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in mice, rats, dogs and rabbits all of which agree in

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the most important time for treatment is at the on-

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ed ; then whether the local circulatory conditions al-

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excision of the tumor and cauterization of the pedicle.

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history of the patient's illness, to first ask the chief

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Nature often does wonders in spite of our very best

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self on the right side of the head, above and behind the

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State Commission in Lunacy, $5,000, men only; superin-

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December 14th, Dr. William M. Proctor, aged thirty-six

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M. D., F. R. C. p. L, and R. J. Rowlette, M. D. Second

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