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pyloric tumor is sometimes palpable. The resemblance to ulcer with
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peal, of lubricity, of ecstasy, of dread of animals (as rats), of scorn," and
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ment. It is to be recollected that when obstruction of the gall-ducts
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the nesative results from an examination of the gastric contents, would
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the pain, and stimulants for the depression, may also be serviceable.
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ventricles were dilated, and contained an excess of fluid, due probably
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in the most favorable hygienic conditions and given plenty of nourishing
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ing the entire uterus. In a series of 156 such operations in a well
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although it should be borne in mind that in abscess of the kidney pus
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by Sorensen, in which the proportion of whites to reds was 3 to 2.
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The syphilitic taint, if present, requires the liberal use of the iodids.
the colloid variety ascites is often absent, the abdominal cavity being the
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The venous hum may also be heard in the veins of the neck.
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form the disease belonged. Primary sarcoma may spring from the rem-
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verted into a dense fibrous band, with only a vestige of the former liver-
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Toxic (hematogenous) jaundice, so-called, has for its lesion extensive
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teristic symptoms of acute anemia. Unconsciousne.^s and epileptiform
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SPECIALISM IN AMERICA.— Wiirdemann, in Northwest Medicine,
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urethra and by relief (temporary as a rule) from urgent symptoms, or
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The postmortem evidence of this accident consists of a longitudinal
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D. 1. Paralysis of trunk, paresis of muscles of hand. Anesthesia
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Pathologic leukocytosis is secondary to various aff"ections. It may
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rotic areas there are often punctiform collections of pigment, the hairs fall
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Definition. — This term comprises acute and chronic (hypertrophic)
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suit the age, and I have found that barley-water, when made in the man-
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The differential diagnosis is rather difficult, as it is necessary to
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dulness is uniformly increased, extending in some instances as low as
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the large bowel. They may attain to the size of an orange, and may
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(usually women) the skin is pale, the muscles are flabby and weak; the
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trabecule, first appearing as yellowish spots or stripes beneath the en-
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serous coats, stricture of the pylorus, followed by dilatation, may re-
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avoid exposure and undue chilling. The ice-bag or Leiter's coils (to be used
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The condition may be a grave one, and associated with it may be
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In well-marked cases of infection g astro-intestinal disturhances appear
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viscus, as a localized inflammation or a displaced uterus. Again, the in-
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of acid or food often precede or accompany the emesis. Vomiting
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intake, the "test diet" has been inaugurated, much as the "test
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the removal of the air from the air-cells — a state directly the opposite
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projection below the ribs, and in marked cases great abdominal disten-
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alone will suffice, save in instances that are secondary to organic heart-
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the back rather than to the right side, and possibly the detection of free
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An interesting study on the part of an author, whose name
kupie slimex 15 w ukulele chords
Martin, G. Forrest, M.D. What Is Homoeopathy Today? .. .. 1178

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