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that a copy of the same be sent to Dr. Alden Marsh's be-

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cave side — to strengthen it a little by a few extra turns of the

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render impossible the end proposed. It is herein that

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instruction in this city, exhibits the following result:

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not remount until the convalescent, under an appropriate

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For those recommendations that are addressed to departments

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company and State of the deceased soldier was given.

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already I think is in the area of false promises. Question of access,

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an address to the Society, "on the Progress of Medical

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of every spring. Venesection, in fact, became a ceremony of

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Fanning— BuRBANK.— Dec. 8th, at Bethel, Me., Miss Isabella

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than the higher. Cold-blooded animals are known to be

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on the tenth day I perceived the return of fever, and

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Hutchison, Joseph C, 130 Hicks St., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Founder.

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and recovering its function. 3. (The main object) the re

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his mother. Or perhaps someone failed to exorcise the devils

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pact octavo volume, there is to be found a large amount

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practitioner, with brief notices of whatever of interest is occur-

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duties to his patients, and to request some of bis professional

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For my part, i would not refuse to admit to the delib-

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that Dr. Gross is correct, when he claims that each organ

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Jleidelberg), will be unusually welcome. The author has

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are slightly rounded. Bacteria are found in the torula form or

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England; John Jefifries, Boston, Mass.; Henry Bronson, New

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witness the necessary operation 111 ' Humiliating as are

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Maull, Georgetown, Del.: and Communications from Boston,

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the time, to the present year, it has been the only weekly

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reveals also enlargement of the liver, which appears

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