Tretinoin Nevus

are often considerably disturbed in many cases of myelitis, and finally they

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is on the whole little used in epilepsy. However, a rational general treatment

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stand the possibility of recovery, even in apparently severe cases (vide infra).

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S supersedes SG 3ABfi90830-X-l , May 1973, «hich may be used until supply on hand is

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the second winter session. The seeond examination is on Medicine

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junctiva without winking, and can have their pharynx tickled without get-

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9. The maximum number of marks allotted to the voluntary subjects will be

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Paul Alfred Weiss, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Zoology.

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Prizes. — ^Four yalnable prizes, among otbers, are offered by tbe

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determining the presence of tubercle bacilli in the latter.

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of £500 is awarded annually at the end of the winter session after

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least three-fourths of the lectures in the class for the current session. The

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