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hoped that under treatment and wltli free sweating the pyrexia would be

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voluntary nurses. A large number have done so. The classes

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DnEiNG the week ending Saturday, April 1.5th, 9.53 births and 619 deaths

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the ill-temper of those who are obliged to live together as in

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Had the 1,572 vaccinated patients been unvaccinated

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has been elected by the city of Santander ; Dr. Justo Mar-

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on his part to challenge the vote of the House at the present

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subjects, some being devoted to common affections, such as

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tive ingredients have had time to be taken up by the intes-

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LoFics — FuRCELL.— On April .ith, at St. James's Roman Catholic Church,

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Delta.— 1. The drugs on the list enclosed, with one or two small e.«ep-

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siderable interval. The case was heard before Lord Justice Bowen, who,

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mountainous country district. Twelve deaths occurred within

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of the medical library at Memphis referred to by Galen.'

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an immense mass of villous processes ; the other organs were

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I. H., a strongly-built man, 48 years of age, had been subject to

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the horns appear large colourless ganglion cells, and an in-

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would be to examine in all cases of death, and report in

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causes may have come into play, and that from collateral or

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shows that even serious physical disability, such as albinism,

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chambers. The last of these is under the entrance to the

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journals, the General Medical Council, and various other

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is desirous of nominating the medical examiners of such a

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attributed to the Lee-Metford rifle bullet, instead of having

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to put matters right by the insertion of a straiglit keratome and the with-

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natural processes of fatigue operated in such a manner as

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