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tluctuation, freedom from pain, and absence of the cancerous cachexia.

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ting, and to emi)lo3^ it in all cases, would be alike injudicious. It is, of

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exudation matter or leucocytes. Corroborative evidence of m3'elitis is

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disease, in its march, and in its remote consequences. In mild cases, pa-

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products of the reaction may be removed, while during the

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" fever and ague," '' chill fever," '' the shakes," and, by names expressive

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Of all the English writers on the diseases of chil- I living authorities in the difficult department of medi-

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of tliis work. The disease is readily transported b^^ means of fomites

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be discriminated from cancer of the stomach or pancreas, and from an

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good, not onl3^ by removing needless apprehensions, Init in the way of

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mate morbid eflfects of disorganizing hepatic lesions, and of functional in-

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The purpose of this study, as has been stated above, was to

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abscess on right hip; weak heart; normal electric reaction; grip, rt.

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dear friend, to attend particularly to this point, that I have

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cells (oW), doubtless belongs to the . developing head. From

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or for the first time; is likely to succeed in his purpose ; inas-

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from the paper by Vincent and Cameron both on animals and

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medulla oblongata by the liquid in the fourth ventricle explains the dis-

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carefully then, and having repeated the examination frequently

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alisphenoid, or posterior to a corresponding process of the para-

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of mental aberration. They are manifestations of a delirious volition,

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Poupart's ligament, (and a short trial will enable any one to

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positively injurious, by providing a greater quantity of skin

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half way between the exit of the motor root and the beginning

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ing to note, that in all of these there has been found a deficiency

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possess to other saline ingredients, such as the sulphate of soda or mag-

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stronger light, by the experiment of inhaling the powder of

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followed a debauch. The patient soon left the hospital, the movement

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effort, sometimes even on being raised up in bed. There is almost invari-

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lips somewhat separated. She was unable to articulate, but uttered gut-

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collection of cases, a tolerabl^^ correct criterion of the full development of

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rose-rash. The eruption in two of these fevers is moist, that is, vesicular

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to the test, and his work has at once that practical and i ^^^^^ which so lately rava^'-ed onr country, is peculiaily

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Dr. Flint's treatise is one of the most trustworthy] mcy to over-refinenxent and unnecessary minufecefss

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having been produced within the bodies of those atiected. Regarding

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urine, and the changes which it undergoes, occasion inflammation, and

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development they rapidly decrease in rate of formation, imtil

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