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were exactly similar to the protozoa which multiply so amazingly in

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the amount excreted before the administration of this drug. (See Ar-

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also on the mental tendencies of the individual, j.^. ;i [,, ,,-, ;j ;

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I think earth to earth burial is perfect from a sanitary point

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ess leads to most distressing efforts to get air. The little patients toss

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luncheon at his residence, 7, Waterloo Crescent, from 1 to 2 p.m.—

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been employed, we are brought to the conclusion that glycosuria can

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and others similar to them, act in the main in the same way as the

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interrupted or the constant current should be used is a sub-

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ity, also palpitation on exertion, sighing, and yawning.

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Shropshire and Mid-Wales Branch.— The general annual meeting

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quent experience bears out the conclusion of the Royal Uom-

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of the feces consists of the bodies of dead bacteria. Strassberger has

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in malarious districts foimd along the banks of the Thames in England

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an intussusception. If the precise lesion be concealed, or not easily

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permanently many of these patients are relieved by slight oi>era-

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prvvluooil by proptosis of the stomach and bowels, and may then be

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plugged from behind, as directed in books of surgery.

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apartments. Applications to G, P. Cartland, Secretary, by June 20th.

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of nerves. They differ in such cases from radiated inflammatory pains

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with iodised phenol, and again irrigated, to prevent any

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Pharmacopeia of 1890 should be prescribed in full doses, namely, lo

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the dead-house in other examples of tubercular processes. They are

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spatial repellancy and permethrin testing

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mention the paratyphoid bacillus, which causes a fever very closely

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infection, after proceeding up the Congo Basin, finally entered Uganda,

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plain both its nature and its etiology. Thus, whole classes of persons

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neous " organisms, whicli I obtained in all the various

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plexus is remarkable for its large size in relation to the smallness of

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never occurs in diarrhea. The worst results as far as emaciation is

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uncertain. It surely is not due to the simple retention in the blood

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striate, and not curving over the ends of the fingers, as has beendescrilied

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diastole. One in 5,000 also quickens the heart's beat for

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patient tries to smile the face is at once drawn to the opinmic side*

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where I coidd not sleep a wink all night from the bites of fleas. The

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time the symptoms became gradually worse. The loss of

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